mercredi 19 septembre 2007

assinement # 1

The Tv program I chose is CSI – sixth season. The CSI show is about six scientifics who want to discover the mysteries of the crimes. I chose this program because I really like the surprise at the end of the show and the progress of the characters to found the criminals. Then, if I watch this Tv program frequently, I will have a better listening because I learn to listen whithout the subtitles. The caracthers Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, they are the best specialist of the scientifcs police. Sarah Sildle she was the last recuit of this team and Greg Sanders was a technician but he join this team. The show starts, when Nick is feeling better and he went to work with Grissom and Sarah at the caravan explosion with two victims. Then, Warrick and Catherine, was working on the strange death of a prostitute founded in a street.